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KEVICC & Arts Lab

KEVICC provided the first group of young people to Arts Lab when it started in February. Since then we have maintained strong connections; the Lab has been a great add-on resource for the students. Please see the attached documents regarding our work.

8th May 2017 - “Student Feedback” by Jake Moran (Art Foundation student). Because it makes us feel good and is useful for promotional and funding purposes, Arts Lab is collating feedback from our various service users. Capturing this on film can be really effective. Have a look at the splice of feedback below from one of our Enrichment Days for Kevicc. Many thanks to Jake Moran for putting this together. Jake is currently studying on the Art Foundation Course in Totnes and has made another, longer film capturing the energy of the day (see 28th March blog).

28th March 2017 - “Enrichment Day 2” by  Jake Moran (Art Foundation student). Local 19 year old art foundation student, Jake Moran created this upbeat promotional short film based on the second of Kevicc’s Enrichment Days at Arts Lab. The brief: to illustrate the energy, engagement and collaboration that goes on during a typical studio session. James Rowden, the Lab’s film and video tutor/facilitator guided Jake through each main stage of the film-making process. We were both impressed with the outcome, given Jake’s heavy work load on his course and other film-making for the Plymouth Film Festival.

3rd November 2016 - “Enrichment Day 1” by Zanna Lotto (A Level film graduate)., produced by James Rowden. This one minute film sums up the creative energy and collaborative play ethos of everything we stand for at Studio 20. 26 year 8 students from Kevicc, Totnes had a fabulous day freely exploring film and painting techniques. And the collaboration between James and Zanna is another success story of how well professionals and young people can work together to produce beautiful results. Thank you to both.

10th October 2016 - “School Curriculum Enrichment” time-laps by  James Rowden. Hooray! - energy, young people, collaboration and making the most of the fantastic studio space and grounds at Dartington.