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Sports Day 2016 - Wednesday 6th July

Sports Day is always a fantastic event for the whole school to enjoy and certainly a highlight of the school year.

We are more often than not in recent years challenged by the weather and this year was no exception. Close to cancelling due to the field condition brought about by the severe lack of sunny weather we nearly didn’t have a sports day in this Olympic year L Back in 2012 we had to cancel this day due to poor weather and we thought oh dear possibly a de ja vu moment was coming up! Thankfully we managed to keep the day going and it was a beautiful perfect day!

We started at 7.15am to set up for the day; we staked and fenced out the areas of the field, put the equipment out, got the gazebos up for shelter, lifted out the high jump mats and set up the hurdles. The music and PA system was in place and the athletes were starting to arrive. 

The field events were underway as the first track events started Sports Day 2016. This day has grown substantially over the years and Archery, Wacky Races and the Inclusive events are all fantastic additions to our variety of traditional athletics events. We also listened to students last year and introduced girls’ Triple Jump events and Year 7 and 8 300m.

Throughout the morning we saw fantastic performances in a range of track events such as the 200m, 800m and relay teams as well as some brilliant performances in the field events. Wacky races were really enjoyable to spectate and those watching on the bank cheered enthusiastically as the races were underway. As we headed into lunch time Babbage were clearly in the lead and the fight for second and third place was close between Gyles and last year’s winner’s Davis. Archery had now finished and the winners were Babbage, followed by Scott, then Davis, fourth place was Gyles and last place Snape.

After lunch we continued the pace of field and track events. The exciting 100m races on the track and the day drawing to a conclusion with the relay A team event. The staff relay was well attended and won by the dream combination of Year 11 and Year 13 students who were staff for the day!

Mrs Newman organised and managed the charity stalls this year and throughout the day students bought ice lollies, cakes and had their faces painted raising just over £204.Thank you to all the students who made this possible.  

The day ended with the traditional celebration of performances and the presentation of the trophies, some of which have a long history in the school. The trophies were presented to various students for their achievements throughout the day and the house shield was presented to the winning house which this year was Babbage. 

The Year 7 event winners are:

Event Girl Boy
Year 7 100m Honey Sharp Jacob Finch
Year 7 200m Grace Windsor George Tredinnick
Year 7 300m / 400m Eleanor Price Jacob De Rosa
Year 7 800m Maddison Davis Aikin  Hurd-Thomas
Year 7 1500m Poppy Gronow Aikin  Hurd-Thomas
Year 7 Hurdles Poppy Gronow Harry Roach
Year 7 Long Jump Mia Grote Thomas Rogers
Year 7 Triple Jump Ella Hunt George Tredinnick
Year 7 High Jump Kaia Lloyd-Admiral Will Bailey
Year 7 Shot Putt Nicole Thrussell Finn Harvey
Year 7 Javelin Nancy Coombe Hamish Osbourne


The Year 8 event winners are:

Event Girl Boy
Year 8 100m Piper Bassnett Oscar Gronow
Year 8 200m Saskia Nicholls Jamie Medd
Year 8 300m / 400m Evelin Swoboda Jamie Medd
Year 8 800m Shanti Al Em’Nah Dominic Viney
Year 8 1500m Evelin Swoboda Marcus Bowhay
Year 8 Hurdles Molly Peakman Oscar Gronow
Year 8 Long Jump Molly Peakman Jamie Medd
Year 8 Triple Jump Enola De Jong Aryton Sidebottom
Year 8 High Jump Cathryn Honey Jack Gapper
Year 8 Shot Putt Jasmine Scott Taylor Harry Bamforth
Year 8 Javelin Jasmine Scott Taylor Ben Daws

The Year 9 event winners are:

Event Girl Boy
Year 9 100m Jordan Axford Ed Ridge
Year 9 200m Eve Rowse Ed Ridge
Year 9 300m / 400m Runa Manby Michael Lambert-Stonier
Year 9 800m Runa Manby Ben Wakeham 
Year 9 1500m Runa Manby Ben Wakeham 
Year 9 Hurdles Matty Daniels Rhys Gribble
Year 9 Long Jump Matty Daniels Cassius Williams
Year 9 Triple Jump Jordan Axford Adam Backhouse
Year 9 High Jump Matty Daniels Zac Harding
Year 9 Shot Putt Sophie Roe Joe Towner
Year 9 Javelin Matty Daniels Aron Lilley

The Year 10 event winners are:

Event Girl Boy
Year 10 100m Katie Brock Diarmuid Johnson
Year 10 200m Sydney Luscombe Ben Turner
Year 10 300m / 400m Sydney Luscombe George Green 
Year 10 800m Danni Adams Flo Goddard
Year 10 1500m Libby Daymond Flo Goddard
Year 10 Hurdles Mackenzie Davis George Green 
Year 10 Long Jump Summer Rain Moss Harvey Harrington
Year 10 Triple Jump Teya Sheppard Harvey Harrington
Year 10 High Jump Sydney Luscombe Flo Goddard
Year 10 Shot Putt Teya Sheppard James Caunter
Year 10 Javelin Summer Rain Moss James Caunter

The Anchor Cup, which is our endeavour cup and in loving memory of ex-student Tom Perrin, is awarded to students who are role models for always trying hard to achieve their potential, who inspire others by overcoming challenges to persevere and who work well with others and are true team players. This year this lovely award went to Paul Andrew in Year 10 who has overcome so many physical challenges to participate and enjoy his PE lessons and sports day events. He is a delightful young man and a wonderful role model to others.    

At the end of the day we also awarded the girl and boy champions from each year, these are students who have achieved the most points for the house throughout the sports day events.

Year Student
Year 7 Girl Champion Poppy Gronow
Year 7 Boy Champion Aikin Hurd Thomas
Year 8 Girl Champion Evelin Swoboda
Year 8 Boy Champion Jack Gapper
Year 9 Girl Champion Eve Rowse
Year 9 Boy Champion Ed Ridge
Year 10 Girl Champion Charley Langman
Year 10 Boy Champion Flo Goddard

After calculating the house points from the day’s events, including the Wacky Races and Archery competitions and adding them to the year’s house competitions, the overall winning house was Babbage who have regained the title after two years in second and third place with 1987 points. Second place went to last year’s winners Davis with 1858 points. Third this year with just 4 points behind the second place house was Gyles with 1854 points who finished last in 2015 so this is a fantastic achievement for the students in this house. Fourth place went to the 2013 winners Snape with 1792 points. Scott finished in fifth place with 1721 points.

Despite a number of fantastic performances this year no records were brokenL, we have a long and inspiring history documented on our sports day programme and trophies.  All students who were awarded trophy awards today become part of that history with their names engraved on each of them. The introduction of girls’ Triple Jump and Year 7 and 8 girls’ 300m meant that the winners of these events have set the school record now for others to follow. Their names will go into our Sports Day programme with all of the rest of the record holders for the school some of which date back to the early 1970s and proving that they are extremely difficult to beat!  

We are most grateful to many people for making KEVICC Sports Day 2016 possible overcoming a range of challenges and for making it a success; Keith Jones our grounds keeper for ensuring that the fields were ready for us to use; the athletes for performing with such confidence and prowess; the spectators for creating the atmosphere; Mrs Newman for managing the charity stalls; Mrs Crellen for her management of the Wacky Races event; Totnes Archers for providing our Archery competition; the staff of KEVICC for their continued support of this event in various ways; the KEVICC catering department for their support; Kevin Creber for the PA system; and finally the wonderful PE department for their hard work and effort.

We always enjoy this day despite the hard work it takes to plan and make it happen when the weather is not playing ball! We would welcome any feedback from staff and students about sports day so we can continue to work hard to make this day even better each year.

Carly Perring

Team Leader of Physical Education