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The Ancient and Modern Colours of Japan

The Gallery at the Ariel Centre

The Ancient and Modern Colours of Japan is an exhibition which will run in the Gallery at the Ariel Centre, King Edward VI Community College between 20 April and 12 May 2017. The exhibited works and artists are drawn both from here in the United Kingdom and also from Japan and each is inspired and influenced by Japanese culture and tradition. The arts and crafts celebrate both the ancient and the modern from Japan and include calligraphy, indigo dyed paper collage, hand weaving, indigo dyed tapestry, etchings, paintings and origami as an art form. To celebrate Japan and this rich display of work here in Totnes we have also planned cultural days of workshops on the 19 April and on the 3 and 4 May 2017 and these will include indigo dyeing, Bengala dyeing, traditional scented sachet with kimono & obi fabrics making, calligraphy & seal engraving, sushi making, origami techniques, Japanese dancing, Japanese song workshops and Taiko Drumming but also kimono wearing and tea ceremony demonstrations. 

Our evening event in the gallery and also in our dance studio/theatre on 3 May between 5.00 - 8.00 pm will showcase the art work, Japanese dance, Japanese music and ritual ceremonies and of course work which the students have created in their workshops. Sushi refreshments will be served.

We have been very lucky to work with Shimako Tsuno, a Totnes resident and offer our thanks for bringing the Japanese artists and art works to our community. We are also grateful to The Japan Society, The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and our own Foundation Governors, who have given financial support to enable us to deliver this stimulating and adventurous project.

For further information and detail please contact: Lucinda Wheater, Gallery Curator, 07973 798064

Exhibiting Artists - The Ancient and Modern Colours of Japan - Exhibition 20 April - 12 May

Shimako Tsuno, abstract calligraphies and indigo dyed paper collage

Julia Finzel, etching with black ink

Vanessa Robertson, indigo dyed fabrics

Caroline Preston, origami as an art form

Amanda Pellatt, oil and acrylic painter

Toyomi Harada, hand woven and dyed with natural dye tapestries

Suyoko Ito, hand woven natural plants tapestries

Yutaka Obuchi, eco bengala dyed tapestries

Koichi Hiramatsu, black ink calligraphies & collage of engraved seals

Hironori Kitamura, black ink calligraphies (collaborating work with Koichi Hiramatsu)

Masato Yoshimoto, small wooden Buddha sculpture (collaborating work with Koichi Hiramatsu) 

Kayo Takimoto, abstract calligraphies

Yoshie Tsukiyama, indigo dyed tapestries

Chieko Nagata, hand woven tapestries

Katsuko Kamei, hand woven tapestries

Christine Flint Sato, Sumi ink painting

Masumi Furohashi, hand woven tapestry