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Christmas Jumper day - 15 December 2017

Friday 15th December - Christmas jumper day

Dear Parent/Carer

On Friday 15th December we will be inviting all students and staff to wear Christmas/festive jumpers. School uniform will be worn as normal for all students but where students want to be part of the Christmas pullover power, their school jumper can be replaced with a special Festive Knit. We would welcome a £1 contribution from all people who are joining in the fun. Your money will go towards the nation save the children charity. Below is a quick outline of how your contribution can help.

Everyone who donates £1 to take part in this year’s silliness will be doing some serious good around the world.

Your jumper could be the difference between a hot meal or no meal. It can help bring essential healthcare, education, protection and food to millions of children around the world who are missing out on these basics.

Your support can protect children from easily preventable yet still deadly diseases like malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia. And it can help us reach children who are forgotten simply because they were born in a remote village, because they’re girls or refugees, have a disability or are from a minority group.

Whether you go full-on TwinklyBaublePomPoms or play it cool with a SnowyTreeStar, the money you raise can help make a world of difference to children in desperate need – and give them the chance to be children again. Thank you.

On 15 December, nothing’s out of bounds, except good taste. Go big. Go bold. It’s Christmas!

With kind regards,Fay Crellen, Assistant Principal