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Sports Day

KEVICC Sports Day: Thursday 27 June 2019

Sports Day is always a fantastic event for the whole school to enjoy and certainly a highlight of the school year. Leading up to the day is usually a fast paced journey of getting teams organised, fitting in Athletics’ club practices for the events and trying to predict the great British summer weather! Over many years we have been challenged by the weather however, this year like 2018, we were facing not wet weather but another heat wave which brings a different challenge. We also had the addition of a few moles that had decided to create some mounds on part of our 8-lane track! Having spent a few weeks putting the teams together in PE lessons, students had been practicing in the weeks leading up to the event.  

The morning of Sports Day dawned a beautiful day and set up began at 7am for the PE department and some lovely volunteers! The equipment was put out for the various track and field events, the gazebos were set up for shelter along with the water/sun cream stations and the first aid tent was ready. As the athletes started to arrive and warm up, the new PA system was tested and the athletes took their seats on the bank ready to make a start.

This year saw us return to our previous programme which had all year groups out on the field participating together, but to ensure that the focus remained on the athletes and their wonderful performances we had athletes only on the field, which still meant the majority of the school J When they were not taking part in their events, they were spectating and cheering on the rest of the athletes. This created a wonderful spirit of comradery between the students and it was fantastic to see students from all year groups working together to create a great and memorable day. The final session of the day was for the whole school to enjoy.  

Throughout the day we saw some fantastic performances and some records broken too! At the start of the day following the house competitions that had taken place throughout the year and pre-sports day, Davis who were the defending champions were out in the lead with the most points, Scott who haven’t reached the dizzy heights of winning the house shield for over 10 years were 2nd, 2017 winners Gyles were 3rd and 2016 winners Babbage were in 4th place. The day saw a tight race between Davis and Scott for first and second places whilst Gyles had to fend off Babbage for third place.   

The overall winning house for 2019 was Scott. This is a massive achievement having not won the house shield for over 10 years, they finished with 1262 points. Last year’s winners Davis finished second with 1219 points. Third place with 1154 were 2017 winners Gyles and Babbage who last won in 2016 finished in fourth place with 1100 points. Points were awarded for participation and achievements in performance so every athlete played their part in this.

The athletes were incredible to watch and there were numerous talented performances as well as a real team effort by many. The event winners are




Year 7 100m

Lulu Hosie

Toby Albano

Year 7 200m

Libby Kilpatrick

Soul Cryer

Year 7 300m / 400m

Lulu Hosie

Toby Albano

Year 7 800m

Iona Healey

Jonty Bartlett

Year 7 1500m

Lulu Hosie

Manu Rees-Durman

Year 7 Hurdles

Daisy Langley

Jake Harbour

Year 7 Long Jump

Iona Healey

Jonty Bartlett

Year 7 Triple Jump   

Lilly Hyams

Zac Billborough

Year 7 High Jump

Louise Dunridge

Toby Albano

Year 7 Shot Putt

Rebekah Broom

Finn Ledbury

Year 7 Javelin

Beatrice Newton-Beer

Lochlain Castle





Year 8 100m

Foxy Chambers

Issac Joiner

Year 8 200m

Lydia Grover

Josh Shaptor

Year 8 300m / 400m

Nell Bere

Joe Parsons

Year 8 800m

Esme Rich

Ryan Widdecombe

Year 8 1500m

Millie Beetham

Ryan Widdecombe

Year 8 Hurdles

Codie Tanner

Toby Bellamy

Year 8 Long Jump

Kisha Dunridge

Hugh Wylam

Year 8 Triple Jump   

Kaydie O’Rourke

Toby Bellamy

Year 8 High Jump

Hebe Pearson-Link

Lewis Hayes

Year 8 Shot Putt

Lilly-Rose Vassallo

Dylan Bullock

Year 8 Javelin

Foxy Chambers

Shane Lilley





Year 9 100m

Alyssa Gayle

Phoenix Jordan-Watts

Year 9 200m

Alyssa Gayle

Alfie Bond

Year 9 300m / 400m

Alyssa Gayle

Alfie Bond

Year 9 800m

No participants

James Cox

Year 9 1500m

Alyssa Gayle

James Cox

Year 9 Hurdles

Joanna Banks

Max Adderley

Year 9 Long Jump

Alyssa Gayle

Joss Teasdale-Edwards

Year 9 Triple Jump   

Aimee Slater

Kanji Okara

Year 9 High Jump

Erin Stewart

Joss Teasdale-Edwards

Year 9 Shot Putt

Clara Chamberlain

Bill Lewis

Year 9 Javelin

Amy Hext

Harry Carnell





Year 10 100m

Poppy Gronow

Jacob Finch

Year 10 200m

Honey Sharp

Jacob Finch

Year 10 300m / 400m

Ebony Solomone

Ben Langley / George Tredinnick

Year 10 800m

Phoenix Davis

Aikin Hurd-Thomas

Year 10 1500m

Lola Gillespie

Ben Langley

Year 10 Hurdles

Poppy Gronow

Josh Tomlinson

Year 10 Long Jump

Ella White

Tully Chaplin

Year 10 Triple Jump   

Ebony Solomone

Tully Chaplin

Year 10 High Jump

Ebony Solomone

Aikin Hurd-Thomas

Year 10 Shot Putt

Alana Wells

Tully Chaplin

Year 10 Javelin

Georgia Cornish

Hamish Osborne

The girl and boy champions from each year will have their names engraved on our sports trophies.  These students achieved the most points for the house throughout the day’s events on Sports Day 2019.  

Year 7 Girl Champion

Iona Healey 36 pts

Year 7 Boy Champion

Toby Albano 30pts

Year 8 Girl Champion

Emily May 34pts

Year 8 Boy Champion

Marcel Almond-Worrell 35pts

Year 9 Girl Champion

Alyssa Gayle 50pts

Year 9 Boy Champion

 Phoenix Jordan-Watts 48pts

Year 10 Girl Champion

Ebony Solomone 55 pts

Year 10 Boy Champion

Aikin Hurd-Thomas 60pts

We have a range of trophies that we have gathered over the years for a random selection of events. Some of these are long standing and others have been introduced as key staff have left the PE department or they are in loving memory of ex-students and staff. The following winners will have their names engraved on these trophies and join the long and inspiring history that is documented on them.

Boys 1500m

Ben Langley 5.17m

Girls 1500m

Alyssa Gayle 6.21m

Boys 400m

Alfie Bond 61.38s

Boys 100m

Jacob Finch 11.74s

Girls 100m

Alyssa Gayle 13.16s

Girls 200m

Alyssa Gayle 28.69s

Boys Long Jump

Tully Chaplin 5.60m

Girls High Jump

Erin Stewart 1.32m

Junior Girls Hurdles

Daisy Langley 15.49s

Anchor Cup

Otis Minto

Boys 200m

Jacob Finch 26.05s

The Anchor Cup, which is our endeavour cup and in loving memory of ex-student Tom Perrin, is awarded to students who are role models for always trying hard to achieve their potential, who inspire others by overcoming challenges to persevere and who work well with others and are true team players. This year this lovely award went to Otis Minto in Year 8 for his efforts and performances in both PE throughout the year and on Sports Day.

Our new cup this year is the Creber Cup which is in loving memory of Ken Creber who used to provide and manage our PA system each year at KEVICC. He always enjoyed this special day with us, was a lovely colleague and was a keen sportsman. This cup is for boys 200m.

The athletes who broke records this year now join the Sports Day programme with all of the rest of the record holders for the school some of which date back to the early 1970s, proving that the school records are extremely difficult to beat!   

Jacob Finch who last year broke the Year 9 boys 100m record finishing the race in 11.86s added to this with a fantastic 11.74s 100m sprint performance as a Year 10 boy taking the record and proving he is the fastest 100m sprinter in our school and over the school’s history. Aikin Hurd-Thomas came extremely close to breaking the Year 10 boys High jump record which stands at 1.76m. He jumped an amazing 1.70m. The Year 10 boys Relay 4x100m team who last year claimed the 4x100m Year 9 record added to their success by breaking the Year 10 4x100m record, completing the race in 50.62seconds which is incredible achievement showing excellent performances all round and effective team work.   

We are most grateful to many people for making KEVICC Sports Day 2019 possible overcoming a range of challenges and for making it a success; Our site team for ensuring that the fields were ready for us to use; the athletes for performing with such confidence and prowess and when spectating creating an inspiring atmosphere; the staff of KEVICC for their continued support of this event in various ways; our sports leaders who helped us on the day; our sixth form PE students who also helped out on the day and finally the wonderful PE department for their hard work and effort.

Thank you to all for another glorious sports day!

Carly Perring

Teacher of Physical Education





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