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King Edward VI Community College

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Remote Learning

At some point over the course of this year, our students may need to self-isolate at home due to Covid-19. This could happen in two possible ways:

  • You, or someone in your family, develop symptoms. In this case, you will be forced to self-isolate. We call this a Tier 1 scenario. 
  • We may need to ask a larger year group of students to self-isolate. We call this a Tier 2 scenario

We will ensure appropriate remote learning is available for both scenarios. Should you require physical hard copies of remote learning please email your child's Head of House. ​​​​​​​

Our overarching principles for remote learning:

  • Curricular alignment: remote plans follow precisely the same sequence as face-to-face enactment of the curriculum.
  • High-quality resources that mirror those used in face-to-face teaching where applicable and appropriate, are easily accessible and break learning down into small steps (avoiding long-term project type tasks). This includes the use of videos and nationally produced resources such as the Oak Academy resources.
  • Feedback and assessment of learning should remain regular, in line with normal curriculum expectations where possible.