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King Edward VI Community College

King Edward VI Community College

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Curriculum Intent

We are a comprehensive College of lifelong learners. We are inclusive, kind and committed to the best for our students, supporting them to flourish.

We believe passionately in the potential of each young person, regardless of background or academic starting point. We aim to develop our young people into well-rounded, successful and active members of society who will gain meaningful employment and happiness in the local community and beyond.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, with high quality learning at its heart. We prioritise high academic standards, supporting students of all different starting points to be proud of their achievements in English, Maths, Sciences and across a broad curriculum.


Guiding Principles

Our curriculum:

  • Encourages high aspirations for all students irrespective of background or attainment at primary school.
  • Is broad and balanced: all students follow all subjects of the national curriculum at Key Stage 3, building intellectual, creative, social and physical development.
  • Has knowledge and skill acquisition at its heart, enabling in-depth understanding of a broad range of subjects.
  • Prepares students for their future, facilitating high achievement and appropriate routes of progression.
  • Promotes character development and resilience through opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, for students to grow in confidence and independence, and through learning how to maintain good physical and mental health.
  • Prepares students to be active citizens who contribute to society in modern Britain, learning the values of mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
  • Is enhanced and complemented by a broad enrichment programme, which values the development of cultural capital, in particular as a means to address disadvantage.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum:

At Key Stage 3, students will follow all the National Curriculum core and foundation subjects.

As students move into Year 9 they will follow a curriculum that is designed to provide a foundation for GCSE study. This will help them develop the skills and knowledge required for Key Stage 4 and will support them in making their choices for GCSE.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum:

The Key Stage 4 Curriculum is designed to provide a range of pathways so that every student can tailor their programme to their strengths, interests, and future aspirations. 

All students follow a Core Curriculum in Key Stage 4.  This includes English, English Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, and PE. Students then choose up to 4 additional option subjects from a wide range which includes GCSE, BTEC, and other vocational courses.


Individual subject Curriculum Intent are attached below.


Our learning and teaching policy can be downloaded here.