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Home Learning

We promote Home Learning as an essential part of a good, rounded education. We aim to develop in our students a work ethic that is characterised by an engagement in learning and a commitment to doing their best. Home Learning has the potential not only to reinforce independence but also help to develop skills and attitudes students need to be successful in and beyond their time at KEVICC.

Why do we set Home Learning?

We believe good Home Learning:

  • Promotes effective learning habits of independence, enquiry and investigation.
  • Encourages personal organisation and a sense of responsibility which are vital life skills for successful individuals.
  • Reinforces and extends the curriculum.
  • Enhances skills and overall attainment.
  • Develops practice and dedication outside the classroom.
  • Allows parents and carers to be involved with their child’s education by providing them with insights into what is being taught and the progress of they are making.

What does Home Learning look like?

Faculties and subject teachers set Home Learning that is appropriate for their classes. All Home Learning is communicated via our Class Charts calendar. Good Home Learning may be:

  • Preparatory work for the following lesson.
  • A task which checks the learning from the lesson.
  • Work that targets an area of the class PLC (personal learning checklist) that the teacher feels needs consolidation.
  • Finishing off unfinished work from the lesson.
  • Revision of knowledge acquired.
  • Extension work.

Supporting High Attaining Students

We recognise the need to challenge and extend our students within the classroom here at KEVICC. It is vitally important learning is tailored to the needs of our learners, allowing students to achieve their potential. Find our short guide on providing support and challenge at home here.

If your child is in Key Stage 3, we recommend they complete at least six of our Cooperative Learning Projects over the course of the year. These can be found below:


What happens if a Home Learning deadline is missed?

If a student fails to complete Home Learning on time, they will be issued with a teacher detention in which to complete the work. This might be a break-time or lunchtime.  If a student does not attend the teacher detention and complete the missed work, the teacher will set a College Detention for non-compliance. If a student repeatedly fails to complete Home Learning on time, the teacher will contact the parent or carer. This is because not keeping up with Home Learning may have begun to have a detrimental effect on the student’s progress in their subject.

Click the following links to see the Class Charts Guides: