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Class Charts

Class Charts launched

We have recently started using Class Charts at King Edward VI Community College.  

Class Charts is an online system which teachers use to track achievement and behaviour throughout the school day.  We believe in working closely with parents and one of the key benefits of using Class Charts is that we can securely share your child’s achievement and behaviour report with you, thus keeping you up to date in realā€time.

Many Devon schools are already using or are moving towards using Class Charts, including many primary schools. We anticipate that some of you will already be familiar with the system and its benefits.

In order to access Class Charts go to:

You need an Activation Code in order to access the site.

A letter has been sent to all parents and carers with this information.

To support you with accessing the software, please find attached the Parent/Carer User Guide to assist your initial log-on to the site below.

Links to mobile phone and portable apps are also available from this page.

Note: If you have more than one child at the College then you can enter additional codes once you have created an account and are logged in.

As we now work to embed the use of this programme, we will cease to use Groupcall Expressions and Show My Homework platforms. This will occur over the next few weeks.

Please be aware that some of the features of our old systems do not directly transfer to Class Charts, but what the latter package does allow for is a single access point with a more accessible range of key information about child’s education.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions by contacting the administration team on or on 01803 869200.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Price

Faculty Leader for Mathematics and Computing

Responsible for Assessment, Data and Reporting