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King Edward VI Community College

King Edward VI Community College

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Values and Ethos


Vision statement:  A comprehensive College of lifelong learners. We are inclusive, kind and committed to the best for our students, supporting them to flourish.

  • We believe our students must feel they belong in the College if we are to foster their growth and achievement.
  • We accept our students are children and young adults who are still developing and who will make mistakes.
  • We believe in educating the whole child, balancing high standards of academic achievement with personal development, character, and habits of learning.
  • We believe education is a shared responsibility, and that we achieve the best outcomes for our students by working together.

We are also guided by the six co-operative values, which we share with all other co-operative schools and institutions:

We encourage participation in the life of our College, operating student voice, staff voice and parent voice groups that contribute to the development of the College.


We believe in fairness, and we enable the highest standards of learning, regardless of needs.


We help people take responsibility for their actions, and we accept responsibility for our own

We believe that everyone can help themselves to be better, and that we can help people to help themselves by modelling self-improvement to others.


We are a comprehensive, inclusive and non- selective College. We recognise and celebrate our individual diversity.


We are aware of our local, national and global communities. We contribute to, and learn from them.