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The curriculum aims to develop confident individuals and successful learners who make a positive contribution to society, the economy and the environment.  Through PSHE, students develop skills of enquiry, communication, participation and responsible action through learning about and becoming informed and interested citizens.

The curriculum develops young peoples’ ability to be responsible citizens, capable of contributing to the development of a just society.  It develops a commitment to basic democratic values such as political equality, self-determination, freedom of thought and action, and concern for the human rights of others.  PSHE at KEVICC seeks to make links between students’ learning in the classroom and activities that take place across the school, in the community and the wider world.   It is about the way students approach all learning and relationships and is as much about how they operate and demonstrate Co-operative values as a member of the College community as well as specific schemes of work or events.

The Curriculum aims to develop young people’s values, dispositions and capabilities to:

  • Treat each person as of equal intrinsic importance
  • Be aware of their own and other responsibilities and rights as citizens
  • Play a helpful part in the life of the school, neighbourhood, community and the wider world
  • Participate in democratic practices within the College and Community
  • Be able to challenge discrimination and stereo typing
  • Understand and respect cultural and religious diversity, nationally and globally and discuss and debate these without fear of reproach.
  • To recognise and manage risk; make safer choices; understand when pressure from others threaten their personal safety and well -being ;and know when, where and how they can get help to resist such pressure.
  • Critically assess the social roles of the modern world and the place of Britain within it
  • Respect the environments in which they live
  • Understand the local and international implications of lifestyle choices and economic development of the environment
  • Be aware of some of the ethical issues arising from scientific, technological and social change

As a specific response to the Government ‘Prevent’ Strategy PSHE promotes an understanding of the British values of democracy , the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance; a  respect for Britain’s diverse heritage; and appreciation of the different beliefs and cultures of those among whom young people live, locally, nationally and globally.