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English Books

Students’ books are used primarily for drafting and note-taking and will be needed as reference when students are sitting assessments. In the front of every book there is a sheet which explains the department’s expectations for the use of the book as well as the course outline and assessment points for that year.  Every half term target sheet in the planner will show a current grade, target grade and a suggestion for how the student can reach that target (tailored to the individual as well as the work being taught).

We believe that the pride a student takes in the presentation of their work reflects how committed they are to learning in English, so our expectations for the use of English exercise books are very clear:

On the rare occasions when students do not follow these rules, they will be issued with a detention by their class teacher.  They will be given the opportunity to repair, cover or make good their book by copying up disappointing work in this detention.  If they cannot sort out these problems in that detention they will need to buy a new book for 50p and start afresh.

Controlled assessments happen in the final week of every half term.  These are very important pieces and every student must complete all of them to the best of their ability.  When these pieces have been completed, they are compiled and distributed to teachers to be marked.  They are then compiled again and handed out for a second time to have the mark verified. These marks are then stored electronically, ready to be sent to the examination board in Year 11.  The actual controlled assessments are then stored alphabetically in a locked filing cabinet.

Target sheets are kept up to date in planner and must be completed and reviewed every term. Every student will know their current GCSE grade, their target for the end of Year 11 and what they need to do to get there.