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Key Stage 3

These courses introduce students to all the basic vocabulary and grammar of French and/or Spanish that is required for success at GCSE. Students are encouraged to work and learn individually, in pairs and in groups, developing a variety of skills that can be transferred amongst the different subjects, always encouraging critical analysis of the language. We also approach learning through games, music and literature in the target language. As students progress, they build and improve on their own understanding of the workings of the language and improve their confidence to communicate in the target language.

How will I be assessed?  

Each year students complete assessments in the four skill areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing in order to identify any areas of strength or areas for improvement. These assessments are kept in folders so that students can build up a portfolio of their best work and we can track their progress throughout Key Stage 3. The assessments are based on the GCSE exam and gradually introduce students to the exam format and skills expected for success at GCSE level.This will enable each individual to self-assess and target their own individual needs in order to continue making outstanding progress.

Key Stage 3 Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum 

Year 7

The year 7 students have the choice to study either French or Spanish and the curriculum for both, has been designed around our own Can Do statements, Knowledge Organisers and Sentence Builders. These are based on current studies and the approach led by Gianfranco Conti.

All students complete Language Bridge lessons at the start of Year 7 which set out the reasons why we learn languages and the best ways in which to do this, thus laying sturdy foundations on which to build throughout the rest of the year and key stage.

The content covered in this course includes basic information such as greeting, numbers, dates and basic descriptions. This reinforcement of basics enable students to build up their knowledge and their confidence being able to provide accurate information on family, friends, where they live and free time.

There is regular discussion of strategies for effective language learning, with the aim of creating increasingly independent language learners. Opportunities to develop intercultural understanding are manifold and great importance is placed on this aspect of language learning.

Year 8

In this course, students continue with the language they have studied in Year 7. The curriculum is also designed around our own Can Do statements, Sentence Builders and Knowledge organisers. The content covered allows the students to recycle previous knowledge but it also builds up their knowledge and introduces them into some of the GCSE topics such as holidays, free time, healthy living and family and relationships. By the end of this academic year, students are able to communicate confidently and are able to deepen into the GCSE course.

In year 8 students have regular access to an ICT suite where they can use online resources including Languagenut, Kahoot, Linguascope, Memrise, Atantot extra, Blooket and Google classroom, to develop their linguistic skills.

Year 9

In year 9, we continue using our key resources (Can do Statements, Sentence Builders and Knowledge organisers) specifically aimed at encouraging long live learners of French and Spanish. Our curriculum also allows students to deepen into their knowledge in order to set strong foundations for the GCSE course. Our students will have, throughout the academic year, the opportunity to complete some GCSE style tasks and assessments. This allows them to sample what the GCSE course will be like, and prepares them for Key Stage 4.


Home Learning

MFL Students are set vocabulary learning on a fortnightly basis and quizlets are set up to help them learn this vocabulary. These resources are shared with students in class and via classcharts. This vocabulary is based on the Knowledge Organisers and Sentence Builders and used to consolidate class learning. Students may also be asked to complete written homeworks in addition to vocabulary learning.

Where Could It Lead? Post 14 

At KEVICC we offer both French and Spanish to GCSE level.

Where Could It Lead? Post 16 

AS/A2 level French and Spanish can be studied at Kennicott. Many of our Sixth Form students go on to study languages at University and beyond.

Enrichment Opportunities 

The MFL department is a very supportive department and we are keen to encourage our students by offering a range of clubs and extra-curricular opportunities. Some of our most popular clubs include:

• Year 7 and 8 cultural club at lunch time

• KS3 French and Spanish cookery sessions after school

• Year 10 and 11 lunch revision club

As well as providing students with opportunities to explore the French and Spanish languages and cultures, we also run several school trips abroad that have become extremely popular amongst the languages students.


Paris trip

Trip aimed at students in years 9 and 10 taking French as a GCSE subject. This trip is a great opportunity for students to experience the culture that Paris has to offer as well as being a great opportunity for students to improve their language skills.

It is a 5 day trip in which students will be able to visit some of the most breath-taking landmarks of the French capital including Sacre Coeur, Eiffel tower,  Louvre museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Pantheón etc not to forget a day in Disneyland Paris!


Seville trip

Trip aimed at students in years 10 and 11 taking Spanish as a GCSE subject. This trip is a great opportunity for students to experience living with a Spanish family and attend lessons in the international school “la Giralda Center”.

It is an 8 day trip in which students are able to attend daily Spanish lessons targeted at improving GCSE exam skills. They also have the opportunity to visit on a private Spanish tour some very impressive Andalusian landmarks such as “El palacio de la Alcazaba”, “La Catedral de Sevilla”, “La Torre de la Giralda” and “Las Setas”. Students will also have the opportunity to enjoy a Flamenco show and a bike ride along the river Guadalquivir.

Multidisciplinary trip to the Basque Country (Spain)

As a leading department at KEVICC, the Modern Foreign Languages department also organises a highly popular whole school trip to the Basque Country. Students of all key stages are invited to join us whether they study languages or not.

It is an 8 day residential in the North Coast of Spain and some of the activities that students can enjoy are:

• Surfing lessons

• Stand up paddleboard morning/afternoon trip

• Skating

• Hiking

• Cultural visit to Bilbao

• Art workshops

Our Achievements 

The Kevicc MFL Faculty achieves consistently strong results at both GCSE and A level.

International Dimension

The Modern Foreign Languages department has had numerous links with French and Spanish schools throughout the years. We organise the Pen Pal programme for KS3 students including some video conferences to meet their languages pals.


Mrs D Burman - Faculty Leader of Modern Foreign Languages